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Our partnered finance company offers plans ranging from outright purchase of your new car to the most competitive of contract hire and finance lease deals for both business and private customers. Please see below for a brief outline of the various vehicle finance options.

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Contract Hire (CH)

Contract Hire is long established as the most cost effective and popular way for businesses to acquire their fleet vehicles in the UK. You choose the car and the period of use between 2 and 4 years and the fixed monthly rentals are then calculated based on the anticipated mileage that the car will cover. To even further tighten budget control, you can add optional maintenance contracts that will really benefit large fleets and high mileage vehicles. At the end of the contract, the car is simply returned to the leasing company and a new agreement entered into. Contract Hire rentals are subject to vat, part of which can be reclaimed by vat registered businesses even though the driver has private use of the vehicle.

Finance Lease (FL)

Finance Lease is the flexible funding option for vat registered businesses who prefer to control the fleet replacement cycle themselves. Payments can be spread over anything between 24 and 60 months with lease extension periods available at peppercorn rates if required. A residual balloon can be built into the lease to reduce the monthly rentals giving the cash flow benefits of a contract hire agreement but with the potential of any profit on disposal of the vehicle being enjoyed by the business.

Hire Purchase (HP)

Hire Purchase is the traditional way of financing the purchase of a new car. You pay a deposit (as little or as much as you like) and the balance is repayed by fixed instalments. The loan period can be anywhere between 2 and 5 years and when all the payments have been made you own the car outright.

Lease Purchase (LP)

Lease Purchase is a variation of Hire Purchase that builds in a residual balloon amount to reduce the monthly instalments, so giving the cash flow benefits of a lease agreement. When the time comes at the end of the contract to pay the balloon amount, this can be done from a part-exchange allowance if you’re changing the car, or, if you want to keep the car longer, by re-financing the balloon with traditional Hire Purchase.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Personal Contract Purchase allows private individuals the opportunity to buy a new car every 2 or 3 years with the monthly instalments much reduced by the residual balloon value built into the contract. Crucially, unlike lease purchase, this balloon amount is guaranteed to be met by the finance company should the market value of the car fall short at the time of disposal. If the part exchange value against the next car exceeds the balloon amount, the profit can be rolled into the deposit on the new deal giving the customer the best of both worlds.

Contract Purchase (CP)

Contract Purchase allows non-vat registered businesses ownership of their vehicle whilst still enjoying the cash flow benefits of a contract hire type of finance agreement by setting a residual balloon amount based on the anticipated mileage to be paid for out of the sale proceeds at the end of the contract. Contract Purchase can also be used by vat registered businesses to acquire high value motor cars where the tax disallowance regulations of a lease agreement would make the lease non-cost effective.

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If you would like a quotation on any new or pre-reg car, please complete our new car quote form.

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WHAT Deals do you Offer?

We can get massive discounts on all new cars available to buy in the UK market place today. This includes both physical stock and factory order vehicles, as well as dealer pre-registered cars and ex-demo clearance cars direct from main dealerships. Please note however, that we only deal in vehicles from the UK market place. None of our deals are for 'imported' cars brought into the UK from abroad.

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WHO are Just Click 4 Cars Then?

We are a team of vehicle sales and marketing professionals who act as car brokers. We work on your behalf to secure the best new car prices available from our network of partnered main UK car dealers. Our industry reputation, together with the sheer volume of orders we place each year, allow us to negotiate larger discounts for you, our customer. Buying through us is cheaper than buying from your local car dealer independently. Your new car is, however, identical in every other way.

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HOW do I Proceed Once I've Found the Deal I Want?

We try to make ordering your new car as simple as we possibly can. Once we’ve found the right new car deal for you and you’re happy to proceed, we’ll forward our order form. We’ll confirm all the details with you including your bargain price. All you need to do is add your delivery address, sign and return to order. We then forward your order to the supplying dealer or lease company who process your order as if you had bought direct from them. (Only you will, of course, have saved thousands on their standard list price!)

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WHICH Model is Best for Me?

Not sure which car model you're looking for? Try our new car selector. Search by car make, model, bodystyle, fuel type, transmission or even price. The more options you select, the narrower your list of matches. Once you've got a short list, load them into the car comparator and just click on 'check availability' to receive delivery information for each of your choices. Easy.

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WHEN is the Best Time to Order my Car?

RIGHT NOW! If you see a cracking deal on our website, let us know you're interested straight away, don't delay. Our prices are so cheap because a lot of our best deals are short-lived. What you see today may well be gone tomorrow. If we know you're considering a deal, we can use our leverage with the dealer to hold it for you until you're ready to fully commit. He who dares!

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